Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FZD Students Term 2 - Room Designs

This is one of my favorite courses at FZD. Excellent demonstration of creative problem solving and design thinking.

Students have to design 2 rooms. The first is a teenager's room set in the real world; and the second room takes place in an "alternate" life. And then there's the caveat: the rooms must contain a restroom (to ground the designs and prevent randomness).

To see more, please visit FZDSCHOOL.COM

Monday, October 3, 2016

FZD Advanced Diploma Graduate - Buren-Erdene Altankhuyag

It has been a really fun term giving guidance and design feedback to our Advanced Diploma students at FZD.

This is the design works of Buren-Erdene Altankhuyag.

Buren's project was to visualize Tom Clancy's book, Threat Vector, into a action themed game. You can view the book's synapsis here THREAT VECTOR. The goal of the project was to capture Clancy's story in a believable yet "video game-able" world.