Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Solving Design Problems

Design is about problem solving. A exercise you can try is to give yourself a simple problem before starting the design. For example, instead of just drawing a vehicle or character, ask yourself, what problem does it solve?

In the homework assignments below, FZD students (term 2) have to design a vehicle that can take you from point A to B, during some type of outbreak or disaster (disease, zombie, bugs, cold, hot, etc.). The vehicles must stay somewhat grounded and real world-ish (no spaceships), and provide simple defence and shelter.

This simple problem resulted in a variety of solutions. A great way to gain design experience.

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Somewhat related projects.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Term 3 Production Design - Theme Parks

Theme park designs are a great way to integrate functionality with entertainment. There are many ways to solve a problem by using creative solutions.

Once a theme is chosen, students have the option to design rides, shops and restaurants (or all three).

There are so many fun details in these drawings. This is what Entertainment design is all about.

Great job students and instructors!

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