Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plane Sketching

Some draw-through demos from today's class.


  1. Love the second image on the first sheet. Can i ask, what is the turnaround time for a sheet like that?

  2. @Jparked Thanks man!

    @James These were in-class demos (all 3 pages done in one session), so I had to work fast. About 15-20min per sketch.

  3. @Feng Wow. While i have huge respect for your work in general, i think it is in producing such incredibly tight designs that hit all the notes of realism in such a timeframe that blows me away most. I'm betting people would pay solid money for a coffee table book of nothing but these kinds of sketches by you. If it ever gets made i will :)

    Thanks for the blog and especially the youtube videos.

  4. Lovely work Feng :D I hope to attend your classes someday:D

    Could I ask you kindly to have a look at some of my work http://emagien.deviantart.com/#/d4p56av i would greatly appreciate it if you do thanks :D

  5. hi what brand is your sketchbook in one of your youtube tutorials in which you went through other materials you use even though you said not to spend a lot of money I was just wondering what brand your presentation books were? The book with the white paper and brown paper.


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