Thursday, June 2, 2011

FZD Student Work

Some more of our FZD students' work. Can't believe what they've achieved in just under 1 year. Some really nice quality work.


  1. Really lovely stuff - Very jealous of these lucky students.

  2. wow..these students work are so outstanding!

    I wonder where most of your graduated students are heading, oversea or stay back in SG? As far as i know, there aren't many opportunities for concept design in SG right? I mean most of the big companies in SG are more focusing in post-production, correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. @Zun Pin

    Yeah, the industry in Singapore is still very young; there's a bunch of start-up studios which tend to hire many of our students. The bigger studios such as Lucas are also hiring (one of our recent grad is there now). But yeah, places like Double Negative are focused on post work only (for now).

    We definitely try to prepare our students to have international level of portfolio. Our goal is make sure they can get a job anywhere; not just in Singapore. It'll be interesting to see where our international students will be headed.


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