Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Design Cinema - Episode 48

Back from vacation. Here's the sketch for the next Design Cinema. Video will be up by tomorrow.

VIEW higher res version.


  1. This is awesome ! I especially like n°1, with the very very long arms. But all the other ones are deeply inspiring. Thanks a lot for your posts.
    And by the way, I don't really know about your school but your students kick ass.

  2. @Thomas Brissot

    Wow, your work is amazing! Such beautiful and elegant designs.

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  4. It would super informative if you were to share the methods you use to generate the shapes and poses for the characters you and your students create in the next Design cinema.
    Many many thanks for sharing all you have thus far...these videos have helped me to look at my art work from a designers point of view and have given me the courage to take more chances, and create better characters and environments.

    I host a Deviant Art account where I provide unrestricted stock images and textures for graphic artists. perhaps your students would find some of the images useful to add to their image libraries. I hope some can find it of worth. the account is updated every now and again with new photos.

    enjoy and thank you again:)

  5. Beautiful work!!!

  6. Thanks Feng, and for thoughts about time managing too.


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