Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Class demo on the human skeleton.



  1. Ohh, its pretty design!

    Hi Feng is my first contact... My name is Carlos Augusto, living Brazil, i looking for your school of design, I'm a big fan of your arts and works.

    I don't speech english very well, at this time, but I'm training so much to stay ready to study with you.

    I meet you from gnomon tutorials and i became so glad because your creation of school.

    I lived all my life playing so much games, like runescape, idsoftware games and learn so much writing with

    their players, I know write more or less .

    3 years ago I had decision, i want work with design and start to study about perspective.

    With 3 objectives.

    First - Learn how to draw fine because without good ideas we cannot create something good, and draw

    is the most easy first creation with you have knowledge.

    Second - Sculpt 3D - I love Zbrush (Did you see the last Zbrush Hard Surface tutorial from Eat 3D?

    Wonderful and Gorgeous creation.)

    Third - Animating and creating games.

    Since this time (3 years ago), i did several curses withtout say the university:

    StudioOnline - - WEBDESIGN- Flash - Photoshop - Dreamweaver

    At this time I studying on web sites (i still studying)- - several courses - Zbrush - Maya - 3DS - PHP Language and development

    - Flash ActionScript 3.0

    And now I'm studying present on:

    Seven Graphical Computation in two languages)

    and "Fabrica de Sonhos" (I'm building their site) (dreams factory - studio of design).

    My first question is how did you get all this knowledge. I read about your work with some of very reputed


    My objective now is learn in your school in 2013 probably in the second half of the year and I need to be

    prepared, so i need your help. I think i can help you from my little knowledge in web, just say to me what

    do you need. It's not final and I got some help with player from, here is a

    example of my work. - I'm new on the area but have full-time and I'm

    I want to speech with you after with you want. Thanks and nice to meet you.

  2. ^Drawing from life a lot i think is the secret

    I really have to do much more bone work


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