Friday, February 10, 2012

Design Cinema - Episode 52

New Episode is up. This one is aimed more towards students.


  1. Hi Feng, I really love your video tutorials. I've been following each one very closely and trying to brush up my skills. About to attend Gnomon in April.

    One question, how did you become so accurate with your brush in photoshop? I have a hard time tracing over lines and getting the angles right. Do you have a very expensive tablet?

    Thanks, love your work!

  2. So Detailed... Amazing Facts...

  3. Thank you Feng for all your videos. You really motivated me to become a better artist. Refering to this episode I agree 100% that video games are so time consuming and such a waste of time. I am 23 years old and started learning 3D 1 year ago. I regret so much that I was addicted to MMO's and haven't think about my future. I hope it's not late for me.

    Thank you one more time and sorry for my english, hope you understood me.

    Greetings from Poland ;)

  4. Wow, being a teacher at a Design School in Germany for years, I must say you sum up all the facts I had to learn the hard way when working with students on enlarging their visual minds. I also found that in a time where reading requires more of an effort than in the time of my younger days, that it is very hard to convince young students of diving into books and make up their own virtual visualization of a story. They rather tend to read a book A F T E R it has been made a movie. So when they apply to Schools wit their portfolios it is rather as if they did copies of what other designers did rather than relying on their own creativity. When I asked them why they did it the most common answer was that they where afraid of failing before their friends.

  5. It's amazing the way you share all this pure knowledge for free. I feel I've learned so much from this video. I enjoy so much your Design Cinemas.
    Greetings from El Salvador.

  6. Fantastic. One of the best episodes in my opinion.
    Thanks Feng!

  7. Inspiring artist
    I would first like to say thank you, because you are one of the artists that inspire me. I do not know if this is the place to get in contact with you, are even ask a question , but this is the only way I knew how to get my question out. I have recently graduate college over a year ago, and I would have to admit that the college I went to did not really provided me with all the art classes I need to pursue a career that is as challenging as this one, and my art skills are still pretty much beginner level. But I love art, and I really want to work in this business, and I am just seeking some advice on how I can further my skills and break into the industry. I been drawing even more since I saw your You Tube videos, and I guess the question I really want to ask is what are the type of things I should be drawing and subjects should I be focusing to build my skills as an artist, as well as my creativity thinking?


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