Thursday, March 1, 2012

Market Place

Trying to emulate traditional mediums and avoiding photo-textures.



  1. Really enjoy your red coloured designs, you have an great color scheme!
    Three Angles

  2. I really like this one, and yes I like more when no photo texture is blending in a digital painting. More natural and more genuine look to me. Just brushes is what a student should use, because what you see in real life must be understanding with the mind. All textures should be a process of a painting and understanding act. For me, this image beats others with fake sky, metals etc.
    This is just a humble opinion, I understand that a digital medium can be a little different than traditional painting.
    Nice work Feng!

  3. Looks full of life, a crowded and animated city! Nice!

  4. ah man feng every piece has its story to tell can't wait till i get to this stage :P lot more practice and hopefully one day i'll be able to design like you :)


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