Thursday, January 17, 2013

Design Cinema Episode 61

New Episode is out.

Download High Res: HERE


  1. You know, a few months ago, I decided to stop trying to become an illustrator. For years I tried to find as much motivation as I can, without much success. But since I've seen your videos, especially the "before / after" where you explain how to learn to draw the right way, I'm finally motivated and it is with great pleasure (despite some apprehensions and doubts) that I come back to this wonderful world of illustration, concept art and digital painting. And you know what ...? When I saw this video 61, my eyes came out of my head: this is what I dream of doing. It must be so exciting to be able to create what you want (remake of a old video game for instance) ! I was interested in illustration because designing video games (what I always dreamt about) alone is too complicated (and I didn't have enough time to study it, in a school or not), but this excellent "Design Reboot" video shows me that I'm not wrong! Illustration can be an other way to reach this dream ! If I learn it the right way, I could one day design video games and illustrate them! So thank you very much for the videos, for the advices, to share your knowledge and to give simple French guys like me the willingness to work hard until I am able to picture what I have in my mind. Good luck to you. And thank you !

  2. thanks for this new tutorial Feng. I have a question How do you sit? What is your position while you are drawing? and your hands ? I am not confortable when I am drawing so I can't keep drawing so much.

  3. Woaah. I like the design a lot.
    Love the realtime vids.
    Awesome tutorial like always.
    And i realy like that u put your high rez files online.
    This one is going to be my new wallpaper for a while.
    Thank u very much!

  4. What do You know... there's rumours about Flashback remake in the making right now! :D

  5. Thank you for the video! i like listening to your fun facts and advice during the real time. thank you : P

  6. Feng - awesome as usual - the amount Ive learned from your tutorials is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Feng !
    Thank you so much for your design cinema vidéos, I'm watching them carefully.
    As usual good advices and each time I end up pumped up and full of motivation to work !!!

    Just a head up, I know that a total coincidence but Flashback is being remade !
    Here's an article (in French, sorry, as it's a French game).
    You can check it out here:

    (Sorry if it has been already mentioned in the coms)


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