Sunday, February 17, 2013

Student Work

Some nice student work; done during their 2 week term break.


  1. Ok, I'm going back to bed. Too much awesomeness has exhausted me.

  2. great stuff from yours students feng!!

  3. Awesome! Favorites for me are the trike, the last one, and the helicopter!

  4. Amazing! I dream to watch a video of your students at work!

    By the way, my engineer brain want to give another comment: Four Legs machines (specially cranes) will fall down when they will lift one leg like when you remove a leg of a 4 legs table.

    Erik Radman drawings look more believable, because they seams to be able to move the weight of the cabin on 3 legs before lifting the fourth!

    But a ride in these kinds of machines will be like riding a camel ! Seasick guaranted!

    May be a gyroscope link between the cabin and the machinery will help? :D

  5. Love the work. I was inspired to focus more on my portfolio. Here is a link to see some 3D renderings of the TRIKE.


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