Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color Comps


  1. I have a really serious question. I watch your videos on Youtube and I check out your blog quite often. I have no concept art experience. I started drawing when I was really little and never really stopped but the past week I have really got into Concept art, thanks to you. I always enjoyed it but never thought I could do it. After watching you do it so easy I decided to just jump in and try it out see if I was any good. I have friends and family that have said it looks awesome. I am using CS6 but no art pad. It is all completely done with mouse. My question really is, is if I showed you these could you give me tips because I feel like I could really use some professional advice. If I am good enough and at the age 25 should I pursue this?

    1. Feng might be super busy, however I can take a look if you want. My blog is http://ethanbeckerconcept.blogspot.com/ from there, you can go to "contact me" and I can take a look at some of your work.

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