Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Term 1, Week 7

Week 7 is usually always a good turning point for our new students. In less than 2 months since enrollment, most students are starting to sketch by using good fundamentals.


  1. Hi Feng.

    Just wondering about all these viscom drawings. what is the medium in which they are done? are they computerized straight lines or hand drawn then scanned in? In other words, is this a computer class or hand drawn class?

    as always, thanks for the motivational posts : )

  2. I am also curious to see the underlying process of the drawing. To me it looks to be done digitally, using the straight though technique. Straight lines are done free hand but definitely not the ellipses. Thanks for posting them, very inspiring.

  3. Feng mentioned in his recent Q and A video that if a student doesn't have great line quality on the computer, they can work on paper :P


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