Monday, May 30, 2016

Advanced Diploma Student - Fedja Hodzic

Project Name: CATALYST

Designer/Artist: Fedja Hodzic

With art direction from Kingston Chan, Tze Wei and Feng Zhu


A peaceful farming village in 1970s China suddenly find itself plagued by mysterious monster attacks. It all started when a private logging company began deforestation around the town. Nobody has seen this "monster," but its paw prints resembled a very large canine. A few detectives and a scientist consultant are brought in to investigate. Soon, we learn about a terrifying laboratory hidden and abandoned deep within the mountains. Further exploration revealed the horrific experiments done to animals at this lab - mutating their genes to create super animals for military applications. 10 years ago, one such experiment escaped, resulting in the closing of the lab and all of its secrets...until now.

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