Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Design Cinema Episode 56

New Design Cinema! This episode was originally recorded for the ImagineFX magazine.


  1. Thank you for taking from your time to share all these to us!

  2. I've been watching EVERY video from step one, and man, I would be nowhere without them. I look at my old work and compare it to my new work... it makes me chuckle. Thumbs up, Sir Feng. Thumbs up...

  3. Hey Feng, I'm sorry, I watched all the video but I don't remember you saying how much time you take after the 2 hour "blotching in" period so the pictures get to the state of these JPGs displayed on the post. Also are these pictures rendered to this level of detail before client approval or afterwards? Thanks a bunch for all the information you give to us, I'm always watching and learning. ^^

  4. Hi Feng ^^,
    You show me this profession and I find it very impressive *_*, it fascinate me already ( I'm just 16 years old ,but it the kind of job I want to do ^^ (And I want to go to FdZ school when 'll 've 20 ,my parents already visit it ^^)) I'm really impressed of what you do ,Maybe if you 've time ,come visit my blog ,and says what's good or not ?
    (Homewever if for now I draw on Ipad ,but I'll have a tablet this week (sorry for my bad english ,I'm french ,I hope you 'll understand ))
    Have a good day ^^


  5. Awesome and helpful video as always, thanks for sharing this! I have question though, Is it possible if you would have a tutorial video of how you take your B/W thumbnails to color and finish?
    Would you just repaint your thumbnails (in color) or do you have another/quicker way to make b/w thumbnails into color?
    Thank you!


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