Monday, May 9, 2011

Draw-Through Perspective

Showing students how to use the draw-through perspective method to sketch both Organic and Man-Made objects.


  1. Sick stuff! Especially the Man Made Vehicle. I always tend to get lost in such a complex form, and after simplifying - it looks boring =( 'Guess it's time to go back to fundamentals for a few weeks.

  2. Really nice!

    Id actually really love if you maybe could cover some Perspective Fundamentals in a design cinema.. I know you said its hard to do, but maybe just the basics that would help enough to get to a point we can use it for vehicles, characters, environments etc. in a proper way? I kno a bit of perspective, but not proper enough really..

  3. Lol, just watched Episode 35, where you pretty much explained about not covering what I just asked you to do in my previous comment, don't cover it please haha. Thinking about it, it indeed would be really unfair to your students at the school, and yeah, hard to cover in a video. However, could you maybe suggest me a few other sources where I could learn these perspective things besides your school? (I live to far away and can't afford it haha... Sadly.. :( )


  4. @Hav0cc you should start by drawing cubes, make one out of paper and copy it around. Everything we see fits on a cube, so get that right. That's a way to start. :)

    Feng, great images from your classes! I love checking daily for new juicy images! can't wait for the next design cinema :)

  5. Amazing Design stamina Feng, seeing your updates always inspires me to do more images per day!


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