Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dragon Horse

Today's class demo on Creature Design, anatomy and costuming.

Riders have to be careful on this beast. Head movement from the creature can kill or knock the rider out.


  1. Wonderful! So is this your interpretation of a Qilin (also called Ki-Rin)?

  2. look a little front heavy, but still awesome work as always

  3. Zexy ;) I especially dig the hanging roman style panache on the back horns. Nice follow through on that design in particular!

  4. I disagree that it's "front heavy" I think the design is spot-on and believable. There are plenty of big headed animals throughout biology.

    When I first saw the head adornment I was thinking Gelug-pa monks, but I agree with Ben it could just as easily be Romanesque.

    My fav though is the one in the lower left. :)


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