Friday, August 19, 2011


Today's in-class live demo. Trying to show students how to approach subject matters which are not familiar. For me, I don't do too much "gothic" stuff, so we decided to paint one. I think next week we'll tackle a Western theme :)

VIEW higher res version.

Since this is a new subject for me, I did a quick 20 min comp to test out the theme, mood and color.

Initial line drawing


  1. These look really fresh, and very atmospheric. I think sometimes working within a familiar theme can make you complacent. When you move out of your comfort zone much less can be done on autopilot.

    I love the sense of space between the winged woman, the altar, and beyond. it really draws you in

  2. man, this would be perfect for a Devil May Cry game, back in the days when the DMC series were still horror. (DMC One really got the horror vibes going, but as they moved on it started to be less and less for my taste.)

    Great work!! I should do other type of environments than I usually do more often too...


  3. Interesting, the balance of colour in the image is great. I'd love to see a western one as you mentioned.
    Do you do much work within a Victorian theme? I think that would be something worth seeing, perhaps for the design cinema?

  4. omg this is awesome, i wanna do thinks like this!!!! :O


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