Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Student Work - Term 02

Teaching is really fun when students draw cool stuff. I thought these were some pretty fun designs:

I'll be uploading more student work in the coming days (end of term again).


  1. This is just awesome. And pretty fun to look through. :)

  2. Great!! this exploded views just take this designs to a whole new level.

  3. Just insane.

    I am amazed by pretty much all of the pieces.

    How many of the students manage to deliver this kind of quality work?

    Soon Ill be in your class, february. Going to work my ass of to have this level or better at the end of Term 2.

  4. BRAVO to the students! Wonderful and inspiring designs! A special medal to Liang Chen for his DICER, i like the idea of feet/mouth!! Could create a very surprising effect in movies or in game, i can easily imagine people jumping on their seats when the placid animal suddenly eat a character! :D


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