Monday, August 26, 2013

Term 3 FZD Student Work - Tall Ships

Some really nice tall-ship paintings.


  1. Everything it are student works?
    wow! nice level
    You should be a good teacher

    1. they're already proffesionals when they join

    2. Really? They certainly fooled us with their student like entrance portfolios. :)

  2. These are amazing pieces of work. The scale, lighting, mood, feel everything as come out perfectly and everything just works so well together.

  3. Hey Feng, I was wondering, are your students using the same sort of complex perspective plotting at this point in their education, or have they practiced so much that it comes naturally and most of the perspective is left to guess work or suggestive construction lines?

    Basically, do they have to stick with detailed perspective construction at this point, or is it ok for them to do whatever they want as long as the ships/objects look symmetric?

  4. jeeez.. i would print out some of these images and just hang on the wall here... they are so moodmaking


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