Saturday, March 3, 2018

FZD Term 1 - Fundamentals

I'll continue sharing the courses we teach at FZD School of Design.

Besides Design Sketching, Term 1 also covers Perspective and Visual Communications 1.

All objects, whether soft surface (creatures, humans, etc.), or hard surface (vehicles, buildings, props, etc.), exist in 3D space. Thus, students must first understand how to "think" and "see" in 3D. By knowing how to calculate forms in perspective, students are able to design almost any subject matter. All possibilities are opened up once they understand how to use fundamentals. Students are no longer limited by themes or familiarity. They can tackle new subject matters and pickup design languages quickly.

Our perspective course cover the overall concept. Students are also introduced to 3D software during this term (more on this later).

Vis Comm 1 cover the concept of "draw through." This is a drawing technique in which objects are plotted out in 3D space. Basically, you draw what is actually there, verses just drawing what you see. This is a very time consuming process to learn, but it is one of the most important tools in my opinion. All objects are drawn in 3/4 product view.

So why not just use 3D software directly? Why even bother learning perspective when the tools can do it for you? The answer is simple. Photoshop and 3D software are just tools. They can't help you design. Tools are used to assist the designer, not the other way around. This is why we only introduce 3D software half way into a term.

For more examples, please visit : FZDSCHOOL.COM

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