Thursday, March 8, 2018

FZD Term 2 - Visual Communications 2

While term 1 is about learning the fundamentals, term 2 is all about building up your visual library.

We do this through a series of classes; each one designed to develop different aspects of visual libraries.

First up is Visual Communications 2. This course requires students to carry out real-world research and apply that knowledge to "grounded" designs. Majority of the assignments are locked sets/environments done in 3/4 view. By removing camera requirements, students can spend more time on design thinking. Projects are generally locked to real-world subjects. However, to keep students interested, we balance out some of the projects with fantasy and light sci-fi themes. All assignments must be completed with proper fundamentals.

If you are learning from home, this is a great way to test your patience for design. Concept art isn't always about spaceships, crazy characters and alien worlds. A lot of projects concept artists work on are rooted in reality (Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, Hitman, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, kingdom Come: Deliverance, etc.). Thus, it's a good idea to build your visual library with real world content before moving to "made-up" stuff. The goal you are trying to achieve is visual storytelling. Just by looking at the set, can you tell what it's for? Who lives there? Does it take place in a specific time period? Etc.

For example, the first project you see below is a group assignment. Students get together and come up with an overall theme for a house. Each then design their own rooms and fit it into the total package. This is great practice for junior designers. It teaches you about working with a team and adopting to a specific design language; a very common task for jr. designers for the first 1-2 years in the business.

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