Thursday, July 28, 2011

Design Cinema, Episode 46


  1. Talking about questions, here's mine:
    It's obvious that every artist has his own style, you can see it through every painting. Seeing a lot of art work, I see a lot of styles I like.
    But how do I find my own style? I like your style I like the style of pixar artists, there is so much out there. I feel like I would get stuck if I would adopt a style of someone else.

  2. THX for the tutorial Feng! Very usefull! Too bad, I finished my "Free Lance Fantasy Book Cover Project" few days ago =)

    And BTW, I guess you, if you have some spare time, or some folks who watched all the tutorials or just lurking around here all the time, should do a FAQ with those "Where can I get your Brushes, Swatches, Pants etc." related questions. Maybe there'll be a little lesser amount of such posts on a You Tube channel.

    Again, THX for sharing, and inspiration, Feng!

  3. Just wanted to say, I would absolutely have picked up these books, if I saw them on the shelf back in the day when I haunted the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section of my local book store! Your covers really sell what would be inside -- my imagination is already churning with assumptions of the kind of space opera-style sci-fi story I'd find inside! Thanks for sharing!


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