Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Production Sketching - Cars

Fundamentals demo.

Higher res version HERE


  1. thats so amazing Feng ,,, another precious lesson for us ,,,so inspirational,,,,,Thanx for the post

  2. Really amazing! I just got no idea how to pull of those type of perspective's that are mainly used in these type of product/industrial-design things. Im really trying to figure it out myself, (since I cant find it on the internet) but Its not really working out. Maybe got some tips for me?


  3. Hey Feng. Thank you for sharing. You inspire me greatly. Creativity is such a wonderful thing and you definitely do it justice.

    One question, i am guessing that these drawings are digitally sketched. Am i correct?

    if so, do you use a cintiq or intuos? curious!

    Thanks and kind regards


  4. Although there are no words, I think the image shows great insight in to how to go about this sort of conceptual work. Doing the vanishing point lines really helps set the perspective. Thanks for posting this up, I'm going to download it for further study!

  5. You've got a skill for perspectives. The lines are crisp and straight, and the sketches are obviously carefully measured. Have you tried applying for car companies? I'm sure the automobile industry can use a guy with your expertise.

    Leisa Dreps


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